logo  FME: Underground (OD12051)

Paal Nilssen-Love — drums
Nate McBride — bass
Ken Vandermark — reeds

Cover and Artwork

Design: Louise Molnar
Photography: Joel Wanek


1. Part 1 (for Joe McPhee) 22:18 
2. Part 2 (for Paul Lytton) 17:36 
3. Part 3 (for Joe Morris) 12:29 
4. Part 4 (for Peter Brötzmann) 18:50

All compositions by Ken Vandermark (ASCAP)

Recording Info

Recorded at Semaphore Recording on December 16 & 17, 2003 by Bob Weston
Mixed by Bob Weston, Nate McBride and Ken Vandermark
Mastered by John Golden, John Golden Mastering

Executive Producer: Bruno Johnson

Thanks To: Boche and the Billions crew, Ehard Hessling at New thing, Mary Kate, Heidi and Ellen