logo  Crossing Division (OD12037)
Musicians Ken Vandermark — Reeds
Jeb Bishop — Trombone
Ingebrigt Håker-Flaten — Bass
Paal Nilssen-Love — Drums
Cover and Artwork cover

Cover Painting: Adrienne Pierlussi "Blue Cactus" (detail)
Photography: Joel Wenek
Graphics Louise Molnar


1. Bookworm(Bishop/BMI) (7:51)
2. Counteraction (Vandermark/ASCAP)[For Takeshi Kitano] (7:51)
3. Broad Daylight(Vandermark/ASCAP) [For Mal Waldron] (7:22)
4. Passenger (Vandermark/ASCAP) [FOr Harry Carney] (6:24)
5. Rosmosis (Roswell Rudd/Syndicore[BMI]) (14:12)
6. Get On the Plane (Vandermark/ASCAP) [For Teddy Charles] (8:21)
7. Smoke Rings (Bishop/BMI) (7:24)
8. Keep You HEart Right (Roswell Rudd/Syndicore [BMI] (7:21)

Recording Info

Recorded at:
Airwave Studios
March 9 & 10 2000

produced by: John McCortney
executive producer: Bruno Johnson

Reviews #4: School Days, Crossing Division (OkkaDisk). More potent international diplomacy, courtesy of [Ken] Vandermark, [Jeb] Bishop and drummer Ingebrigt Håker-Flaten and Paal Nilssen-Love. A cutting, wide-roaming, wide-open effort, the CD pays homage to the early-60’s band of the same name led by Steve Lacy and Roswell Rudd (two of whose pieces are performed here).

— Lloyd Sachs, “10 best of the year: Chicago’s jazz greats”, Chicago Sun-Times, January 5, 2001